Monday, 4 November 2013

Christmas rush!

I am busy busy busy and my internet is intermittent after the recent windy weather. Well, it's more intermittent than usual!

As usual, I'm very happy that I haven't put my business on-line at all, given the vagaries of rural broadband. When my current contract expires, I'll be moving onto Boundless Communications, which is a specialist rural provider and provides fast broadband through a microwave network. When that happens, I might think again about going on-line with my business (or part of it at least) - we will see.

To be frank, I don't actually need to go searching for more customers - they seem to find me - but it would be nice to have a website just containing photos of my work, to which I could point prospective customers who are 'just enquiring'.

Ah well, I suppose it's better to be a little too busy than scraping about for work! 

Back to the sewing machine now after that short break!

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