Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bias binding - and cat cravats!

I forgot to mention that all the bindings on the aprons I've recently sewn have been made on my bias-binding-making machine.

I'd been lusting after one for a while, and when I saw one at a vastly reduced price, I snapped it up. I know it's had mixed reviews, but I find it to be excellent - I can make metre after metre of perfectly-ironed tape, both bias and on-grain, with minimal input from me.

Here are just a few of the pretty tapes I've made - and used! - recently.
Bias tapes in profusion
Of course, I have lots of scraps with all this bias-making - when I cut the bias strips from a square, there are always a couple of neat triangles left over. They seemed to about right for a doll-sized scarf, or - wait for it! - a cat cravat!

I'm sure you're aware of, and perhaps have seen, dog bandanas. Well, here you have a cravat-wearing cat! She seems to like wearing her cravat - it fastens with a single press-stud so would easily come undone if it got caught on anything, but I try to avoid letting her out while she's wearing it, at least during the day - apart from anything else, it would label me publicly as a mad cat lady!

A cat in a cravat.


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