Friday, 1 February 2013

Calmer weather,and what to do with a room

The wind's dropped at last. The Christmas tree which I'm saving for stakes and pea sticks has been blown to the middle of the back lawn and two plastic cloches are now half under the garden shed but most of the overwintering pot plants and the spring bulbs are still upright and in one piece, and all others are recoverable.

I spent a considerable amount of time sewing over the last couple of days, and now have four aprons almost finished, and I'm happy with the fabric combinations I've used. They won't get done until after the weekend, though - gardening duties call tomorrow, with the fine weather forecast, and there will be visitors on Sunday, so tidying up and cooking will be the order of Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

I've had to put away my sewing - I really must set up my main machine, at least, in my bedroom or sort out the tiny boxroom I currently use for junk and seasonal stuff, and use that as a proper 'sewing room', or at least as a sewing storage room.

It's a funny little room, a bit of 'spare space' left over when the cottage was enlarged and the floor-plan entirely changed.  Although it still has the remnants of its original window-ledge discernible on the original back wall, it's too small for even a small single bed, and has no natural light. Why it was not linked to my bedroom, with which it shares a wall,  I really don't know. It would be an ideal size   to serve as an American-style 'walk-in closet' or an English-style dressing room, but is on the wrong side of the house to be an en-suite bathroom, at least by the plumbing technology easily available at the time the cottage was enlarged.

The previous resident here used it as a home office; I am really not sure about using it as a sewing room as it has no natural light, but it could be an excellent area for fittings, sewing accessories,  fabric storage and a 'hardware' section, if I decide to get more into corsetry ... I have a couple of friends who are going to be willing guineapigs so we'll see!

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