Thursday, 19 April 2012

Back on Twitter

I'm back on Twitter - no reason given for my suspension, other than a half-hearted 'whoops, sometimes we make mistakes' generic apology. I told myself I'd give it to the end of the month and I will, but I seem to have lost interest in it, to be honest. What chance is there of another 'whoops!' - at a time when I might have invested a lot more into it than I had done a week ago?   

I've had a friend staying for a few days, so what with taking her to local 'attractions', being as  busy as I could manage to be on the sewing machine and with the knitting needles, too, I've had no time to blog. Helen was very taken with my doll's clothes, and tomorrow I'll put up photos of some the outfits I sent back with her for her granddaughter's dolls. 

Abakhan fabric shopWhen I visited Abakhan last Friday, I found some lovely fabrics in their craft cotton bargain bins - some of them are famous US brand names, and would have sold for around £12 -£15/metre. I've paid less than £3/m! Again, photos tomorrow. I love that shop - I'd like to live there!                                                                                                                                                                              

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