Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Twitter annoyance

Suspended from Twitter -and can't find out why!

About ten days ago, I was persuaded, by the members of a forum in which I participate, to set up an account on Twitter. I'd been putting it off and was reluctant to get involved, but decided I'd give it a try. I said on the forum that I'd give it to the end of April to see if I enjoyed it, or saw its 'point'.

Well, I joined, and after I'd begun to decipher how it worked, followed some of my forum friends, and they followed me back. I also found some other 'tweeters' who I thought might be interesting - crafty folk and organisations - and a couple of 'thought for the day' type tweeters. I sent out a few tweets, and started to find a few things of interest in it. Hmm, I thought, this is time-consuming, but might not be quite such a time-waster as I had imagined.

I had sent out the grand total of about 15 tweets, had maybe a dozen 'followers', and was following about 20 myself. On the bank holiday Monday evening I came in after spending the day with friends, and logged onto Twitter - only to find my account was suspended. I can find no reason at all why this has happened, and every time I attempt to contact them  - their motto being  
'Have no fear, Twitter Support is here!'
I get a message reading
There was an error preventing ticket submission. Please try again later.
Well, Twitter Support, you're clearly not there and haven't been there at all.  I've tried 'later' - up to 30 hours later.

What a waste of electrons, time and effort Twitter has thus proven to be. 

I could have spent the wasted time of the past week far more constructively and enjoyably at the sewing machine, making chocolate cake, learning the rudiments of Mandarin Chinese or just lolling about on the sofa, thinking. 

I wonder what I did to upset the Chief Twits so much that they threw me out? Whatever it was, it seems to have been very effective!

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  1. Morning Eena. I joined twitter about the same time as you and, touch wood, no problems yet. Now I've found your blog I can follow you here instead. There's no hiding in 'puter space! I love your doll's clothes but I don't have the patience or skill to work that small.
    Have a good weekend